Why I Write

Simply put, I write to inspire hope.

No matter the amount of darkness, it can be dispelled by a single spark of light.

May the God of love and hope fill you with peace, comfort, and joy in whatever trial you face.

You are never alone! You’ve got this…because God’s got you! 💛🙏

Recent Posts

Love is…

Noticing the little things Sideways glances, silly smirks playful winks from across the room Speaking my name with tenderness and joy Longing to be with me often Walking, talking, laughing, joking Snuggling on the couch to watch a movie or our favorite show read books together out loud or in silence talk and listen with […]

Fabulously Forty & Free…

I often struggle with feeling good enough because I haven’t reached my ideal of perfection by a self-imposed deadline. I frequently get down on myself because I’m still a work in progress. As I approach 40, I realize that chasing perfection in this life is akin to a rabbit running on a wheel chasing a […]

A year can change everything…

What a difference a year and prayer makes! I am still learning to trust God each morning, each time I feel scared. I never asked to live with complex PTSD. I would never wish on another living soul the nightmares, flashbacks, confusion, triggers turned into moments of terror. But my complex PTSD reminds me I […]