Why I Write

Simply put, I write to inspire hope.

No matter the amount of darkness, it can be dispelled by a single spark of light.

May the God of love and hope fill you with peace, comfort, and joy in whatever trial you face.

You are never alone! You’ve got this…because God’s got you! 💛🙏

Recent Posts

For Kaden, Ashton, Adrian…

Dear Brittney, I am sorry for how long It took me to really see you, to see the color of your skin. No longer can I ignore your hurt a moment longer. No longer can I shut out of my mind the abuse you and your people endure every day. No longer can I ignore […]

Set free…

Trapped words set free My time is now To verbalize what happened The story of my life symbolism in everything Understanding God, truth, poetry my gift, my talent, my identity Seeds not buried under a rock But planted in good soil Watered enough to grow Sprout and blossom Rise up as a sapling tree Young, […]

Rest & PTSD…

Telling the story of my past Overcome with exhaustion sadness, fear, and hurt Thoughts haze and fog Droopy eyelids blink Head weighs heavy Memories of trauma Impossible to carry Alone Drive home safe Collapse into bed Open the window Turn on the fan Weighted blankets Fetal position Calves twitch Intestines flutter God whispers, “rest” Weak […]