A year can change everything

What a difference a year and prayer makes!

I am still learning to trust God each morning, each time I feel scared.

I never asked to live with complex PTSD.

I would never wish the nightmares, flashbacks, confusion, moments of triggers turned into terror on another living soul.

But my complex PTSD reminds me I am human and can never do this life without God. It leads me to turn to prayer and to the word of God, to calm my fear.

Today, the pain I live with humbles me, and reminds me I am only strong when I allow the Lord to carry me….the hardest truth and love for me to accept.

The pain pushes me to reach out to God, to others, to write to make others aware, and to love others who have been hurt.

I don’t always understand God’s plan for me, but I am trying to live His way, not mine.

Asking for prayers today on a difficult day. I am believing prayer works, and we are never alone.

#healingdiaries #gracealone #prayerwarriors #loveyourneighbor #godisgood #trustingod #trustwithALLyourheart #prayers #humbleddaily #loveothers #complexptsd #ptsdawareness #ptsdsupport #ptsdrecovery #ptsdwarrior #peaceofgod #peacebestill #neveralone #ruthrenee

I choose authentic over perfect. Perfection is too great a burden to bear. I am human. I allow myself to make mistakes, and not go into a shame spiral for it. I’m ready to do things God’s way. Admitting I can’t do it all was a hard pill to swallow. #healingdiaries #ruthrenee

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